Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Legs - 2012!

It has been a week and a half since I posted about the work 5k...
Amazing how time flies. And how when you HAVE time, sometimes you don't want to do the silly things like blogging.

I didn't end up going to Crossfit on Friday the 16th because I took my boys to a movie!
I had a very nice time in yoga and climbing earlier in the morning. Felt amazing!

Saturday the 17th we met up with the usual crew (Yay awesome family!) for a morning run and brunch! We ran up the Davis Creek trail past El Capitan (Found out the name of the awesome big rock in the pictures) through Pretty Valley and down the flats back to the car. 2.7 miles in 50 minutes! Which really isn't bad for the amount of vertical gain on that trail.

My elder brother and his awesome daughter, and bro-in-law below

Mid-November and I wasn't cold!
After the run we got really productive and raked a bunch of leaves and did yardwork. Quite a good amount of upper body work to go with the fatigue I piled on the legs!

Monday Yoga was cut short because of weigh-ins for the annual holiday 'Maintain Don't Gain' contest. I weighed in at 168.6, which is higher than I've been all year! Sweet! Still after yoga I did some dead-lifts in a trap-bar - wow! I need to do more of those. There was 165 lbs on the bar, I think I can do a little more than my body weight, but not much! I also did some L-sit pullups and a few other random things.

Tuesday NOTHING. Had an all-day off-site meeting in a hotel room. Good team development, but not so great physically. Missed some ankle-lock escapes in BJJ!

Wednesday I actually got one entire set of 10 pullups in... I also went to multiple stores multiple times in preparation for Turkey day. I was even at Walmart with the power out. That's always fun. Luckily the lights came on and I was able to purchase what we needed and get out of there.

Thursday was the annual Turkey Leg Race that I have competed in 3 times now!
In 2010 I was 17th place with a time of 22:16 (171 runners)
In 2011 I was 24th place with a time of 22:06 (259 runners)

This is now a very FAST race for its size... 339 people ran it this year, with the fastest breaking his own record from last year in a ridiculous 15:49!!
In 2012 I was 20th place with a time of 21:33. My runkeeper showed 3.15 miles in 21:26

So while I was not able to finish in under 20 minutes like I hoped, I DID get 20th place out of the over 300 people there - and I'm pretty excited about that!

My kids ran the 1k as well - and I was so proud of my 2nd son's 6 minute finish! He did great!

Here are some pictures of the fun!

Finish Strong! (one of my brothers is the barefoot one there)

My amazing wife!

Go little guy!

I need to do a comparison of these that we have...

My Flying Crow... Not Bad

Kakes Flying Crow... MUCH Better!
 This year Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! I look forward to improving yet again for next years Turkey Leg!

Next time I'll beat 20 minutes!!!!

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