Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weird Fitness Funk Again

So we seem to have fallen into a weird funk. (Unfortunately not a GOOD kinda funk...)

Crewing and Pacing the Pony Express was awesome - but the next week (last week) just felt dead.

I don't know if it is just that after the PE50 we haven't had anything to look forward to or prepare for;
if it's just the changes in season, or something else entirely - but I something was missing. Even the normal excitement we have for Halloween (HAPPY HALLOWEEN yesterday!!!) is a lot lower than normal...

Even more strange - Every day last week I had a great yoga class or some really good experiences learning techniques and then trying to execute them in practical rolling against a much more skilled opponent. So in some ways it was GREAT, but then last weekend I did almost nothing and for some reason I felt really weak and lethargic and like I hadn't done anything the whole week.

It is more weird because I feel like BJJ has been fantastic lately and while I still have a LONG way to go to be ANYWHERE, there is actual improvement and retention finally.

Basically I think I need something to motivate me beyond a 5k. A bodybuilding contest? Something having to do with BJJ? That's not very likely because I'm not currently training with any organization - just some guys at work!

Speaking of BJJ, Tuesday Micah taught me a few good moves related to things we'd learned before, along with some reviewing of those earlier moves.

We worked on:
Leg trip takedown
Leg trip takedown from knees
Armbar counter to leg trip (From knees mostly)
Arm Wrap trip
Neck pull to take the back
Neck pull counter (grab the ankle and knee)
Jump to Scissor (standing or knee)

Jump to Butterfly (Standing or knee)

Yesterday I walked almost 3 miles with my kids Trick-or-Treating. I even carried kids piggy-back and otherwise quite a few times. I was TIRED after that! But I still made myself do some pushups. Gotta get back into it!

Today we are going to do some GI or clothing-related chokes and stuff that is more applicable for what people wear. (see this article about training with a gi vs. no-gi) I'm excited to see what happens - plus I think I'm going to get a used Gi of my very own. Awesome!

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