Friday, December 14, 2012

A Week of Fitness Failures

I guess it isn't really a 'Failure' of a week - but I definitely didn't do as much as I wanted to.

Like I mentioned lasted entry - Monday nothing happened because I was home sick, Tuesday nothing happened because I didn't want to share whatever might have been lingering with any of the BJJ fellas.

Wednesday I did make it to Yoga, and my legs really needed it because they were still pretty sore from Grandeur Peak on Saturday, but it kind of just made me antsy to do more.

Thursday I was excited to go back to BJJ, but then work got really busy and some sudden 'MANDATORY MEETINGS' popped up due to executive leadership changes that made me unable to attend.  D'oh!

I was determined to have a good fitness day with Friday early morning Yoga and Climbing.

Crossfit didn't happen for me today because I had got to leave early to go see the HOBBIT movie (good show, but not quite the same feel as the older - other than a few standout performances and stuff)

Yoga was good - in some ways (even though it is frustrating) it is probably a good thing that I've missed stuff this week - my elbow has been slightly unhappy throughout both yoga classes I attended this week - so the break from BJJ probably allows for a little more rest and recovery.

But that doesn't mean I have to like it!!

Otherwise in yoga, while I still very much enjoy the hard work and other benefits I get from Yoga right now - I don't think I'm progressing in ways that provide as much satisfaction. I'm not dissatisfied with Yoga in any way - I'm just not happy with my own personal progress - or more accurately, with my own personal attempts at improvements... since there haven't been any attempts other than just going and doing. If that makes sense.

Yoga isn't a competition and you're more likely to hurt yourself if you push too hard - and that's not really what I mean. I'll have to think about it more so I can better explain it and so I understand it better myself!

After yoga I put on my harness and shoes and climbed for a bit. I had fun and as I looked at my phone to see how much time I had left - I took a few pictures and even stuck my phone on the ground and videoed one of my ascents. From below it really doesn't look that high, but it is 30-35 feet up to the top!

Here is the video and some pics/screencaps from the vid... it's for fun!

Coming down on the auto-belay is fun!

I probably spring off the wall a little more than I need too...

It sure is fun!

Ooh look, a monkey!
I was kind of hoping a nice Saturday Trail Run or Baggin' another peak would make up a bit for this week - but with a Family Christmas party tomorrow and members of the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers (not me) already doing a lot of running this week which I couldn't attend, it doesn't look like it is happening.

Excuses, excuses!

SOMETHING must be done! We will see what tomorrow brings!

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