Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BJJ Cross Body Escapes!

Writing down what I learn in Jiu-Jitsu helps me remember techniques a LOT better. 

The other day I read this intriguing blog entry on The Jiu-Jitsu Vortex, a new BJJ blog I'm following, about keeping a BJJ notebook and thought it was a good idea that I've kind of already am doing by recording it here on TFAOWLB.  (Now THAT's a spiffy acronym! I should us it more often. However, I should also use the word 'spiffy' less often.)

I know I miss stuff in trying to remember this - So I try to send it to the guys I train with as well and get their feedback before I'm finished here. If I ever get more serious, like actually paying for a BJJ gym membership somewhere (I'm SO lucky to get what I'm getting!) I think I will definitely implement an actual moleskin or something - practice drawing some too! However typing it up and looking for Videos of the relevant techniques has also been really useful.

Tuesday we went over escapes from cross-body, a quite unpleasant position to be in:
  1. Trap their outer arm, thread YOUR inner arm under and through and grab as high on their back as possible. Swing legs towards their body/legs, then swing back the other way to create force and slip out to try to take their back. This is pretty much the movement - but you can do it without the BRahttitude and Heavy Metal. Although practicing the finishes like that could be very good!
  2. Pop hips/Bridge up to get them to push down, then sweep them over the opposite way - kind of like this.
  3. Start movement 2 above, if they sprawl , step the legs out 2-3 times then flip to your front keeping your neck and arms up to control their hips, so they are putting pressure on your upper back with their chest. In this position if you let them flip around they’d have your back – but this is before they can do that
  4. From the opponent sprawled position one arm posts, the opposite leg posts up, and then throw the non-posted arm’s elbow up and around to drop them on their face, then take their back or whatever
  5. From them sprawled again grab their leg, scoot it out, then pull the knee and take them backwards onto their back
  6. From the Sprawl, if they try to flip around to take your back sit into them and put them in to Guard - OR do something more advantageous from there that I can’t remember at the moment!
I was actually able to succesfully execute #1 multiple times against the Kung Fu guy who has been training with us. I actually ended up submitting him with the same leglock I got him in a few weeks ago - gotta remind him NOT to cross his legs when hooking somebody's back. Then again - I should NOT have allowed him to get my back like that so easily sheesh!
I was lucky.
But I AM still improving - I hope that doesn't stop! Continuous Education in the art of BJJ sounds good to me!

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