Thursday, December 6, 2012


There is a new TEDx talk by Sebastien Foucan - the 'founder' of FreeRunning and also one of the founders (with David Belle) of Parkour.

I found this video because of the American Parkour WOD which is delivered to my email almost daily.

The APK website is a really great resource for fitness/exercise tutorials and Parkour/Free Running guides, along with the aforementioned WODs.
I rarely do the WODs, because of time and skill.
I mean, I have no Parkour skills!
They DO have some great stuff there, along with great quotes every day.

I really like what they say in their WOD for today "Check out the video and work on something that scares you, remember don't push aside fear, don't be reckless, push your boundaries little by little" (Emphasis added)

Fear! Everybody has it. It's something we deal with every day. Or if we aren't facing it or dealing with it in some way or another... then we probably aren't progressing.

So even if it's making a phone call, talking to somebody you haven't seen in a while, leaping over tall buildings in a single bound (if that's where your challenge is and you have the skills) - DO IT!

It doesn't HAVE to be with parkour.

What do you fear? How can it help you?

Like Sebastien said, "Fear can be overcome with practice."

Great ideas to think about, and DO.

We should be able to use our fear to propel us to new heights!

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  1. Yay! Parkour! Sebastien & David are pretty cool dudes. It's kind of surprising that a form of motion & exercise could also be philosophical :)