Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 - Plans and Desires, Wishes and Dreams!

2013 looks to be even more fun than 2012!

And that's saying a lot, because 2012 was an AMAZING year!

Also after writing that Giant review post... I think for my recap at the end of this year I'll just do a "Top 5" or "Top 10" instead of tons of pictures and text for every month.

So what's in store for the year Two-Thousand-Thirteen?

A LIST of course!

PLANNED: things I am FOR SURE doing
  • Official Things:
  • Buffalo Run 50K in March. And preparing for that.Basically I have to run a lot more than I normally would to prepare. I guess I don't "have" to prepare too much - I mean honestly I am not worried about finishing the 32 miles. My goal for this, and why I need more preparation, is I want to be able to move around the days after the race without TOO much soreness. I don't want to be stuck in bed because I can't move from running over 30 miles!
  • Spartan Beast - I have like 16 people on my team already - some of the same people we did Tough Mudder with last fall - and people they have invited. I may try to put together some training times much like Justin and I tried to do. I also probably won't do a 'we stick together the whole time' for this... because I don't want to have to wait for people who haven't prepared! I love obstacle races!
  • Unofficial or Non-event Things
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga! We enrolled my beautiful wife in Yoga teacher training - she starts in March. It will be a bit of a sacrifice for a few months where she will be BUSY and learning - but in the end I'm sure I'll learn a lot too! I'll also continue Yoga classes at work.
  • Climb more - at least one time outdoors with somebody experienced! (and with more equipment than me!)
  • Bag more Peaks - one possible course I'd like is to make it up to Bountiful Peak from the Davis Creek trail
  • More HIIT workouts! Pullups! Backyard Exercises! Utilize my awesome pullup station AND improve on it
  • Continued BJJ classes at work.
  • Slacklining - I got TWO of these for Christmas - so I'll definitely be doing as much of this as I can!

Desires: These are things I would like to do, but haven't signed up or anything official. Still a good chance of doing! These could be possible!
  • Dirty Dash - I LOVE the Dirty Dash. It's not hard - it's just good clean DIRTY fun! With a group, and even better, with a photographer - you can have a BLAST. Like I said - I do love the obstacle races!
  • Bairgutsman - I wanted to do this last year - hopefully I'll find a way to do it this year!
  • More to come!

Wishes: Things that would be nice, but might not be doable.
  • BJJ Gym membership - If we can get our finances are a bit more in order I'd love to add some sort of official BJJ along with the stuff I'm learning with Micah. Maybe even at Unified BJJ where he teaches the kids class.
  • Ninja Warrior/Parkour style equipment - I plan on improving my outdoor workout equipment - but I'm not sure I will be able to do THIS type

Dreams:Yes... any of these would be awesome! (unfortunately not that likely!)
  • Yoga on a Caribbean Island...
  • Try out for American Ninja Warrior
  • Buy some land away in the wilderness(ish) and create an ultimate obstacle-course/workout/training/adventure course!

Previous years staples that AREN'T on the Docket:
  • Ragnar - there is still a chance this could happen - there are almost always people looking for team members last minute. We'll see what happens but I've already done 4 of these... I'd be okay not doing one this year.
  • Yeah that's pretty much it that we did last year that we aren't doing!
Other thoughts:

I've been thinking a lot lately about why I do what I do, fitness-wise. I've said my MAIN goal is to be ABLE to do whatever I feel like doing - and to be CAPABLE enough to ENJOY doing it - not beating myself up too much doing what should be FUN. That definitely hasn't changed.

Secondary to that is for Aesthetics. I'll admit I am plenty narcissistic. I want to look a certain way - and I know what I DON'T want to look like.
I admire Tony Krupicka and his abilities - but I don't want to look like him.

Anyway... This year will definitely be great!

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