Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Buffalo Run Training Continues!!

This morning as I dragged myself out of my warm bed into the FREEZING cold, I wondered, "What the heck am I doing - this is WAY too early!!"

I was also late getting to the parking lot - so the other guys that were there were gone already!

Another piece of the general awesomeness that always happens when I'm not asleep in my bed in the morning-dark... I forgot my headlamp again!

So alone with no light to share, I headed up the canyon.

At about 3 miles the air finally clears up - you get out of the nasty inversion and it doesn't hurt to BREATHE anymore. At the same time 2 guys came back down the canyon, they were only going 6miles this morning, and they mentioned I wasn't THAT far behind the other 3 guys (my brother, MVH, and Steve - none of whom knew I was planning on going) so I took off and tried to up the pace a bit to try to catch them.

They were so close and so far away for the next mile when I finally Tarzan-yelled across the canyon at them and they decided a little break might be nice and they let me catch up.

Although it was 5° when I started - I was warmer after the run than I was last week when it was 10°.

Sir Frosty Lashes of the Monty Python Knights again!

10 miles in under 2 hours - Most vert in a month according to Runkeeper - and the month isn't even done!

Saturday morning I ran the same canyon, same route, ALMOST the same distance but we added a mile running back up a part of the canyon looking for my Brother in law who had decided to take a shortcut without telling us. Nice to get an extra mile in I guess!

It really is amazing how beautiful the sky is once you get out of the inversion - check out some of these pics!
In the nastiness
Leaving the Nasty Muck behind!


Seriously the air was SO nice. Like that article on Inversion I linked to earlier says - it's like 30+ above the crap, and 10° down in. COLD! 11 Miles, 2 hours 47 minutes.

Friday was crazy busy with Yoga, Rock Climbing, and a crazy Crossfit workout that was tough. I don't like Walking Lunges! I have a feeling they'll be useful though.

I feel stronger and more capable already - although sometimes it is REALLY hard to get up in the morning!!

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