Thursday, January 17, 2013

Revenge of the Snow Ninja!

Revenge is probably a bit too strong a word to use...

Especially since that guy is SLOW. (At least I feel that way!)

But at least he doesn't have to worry about SNAKES in the winter!

So since the last post (and even before!) I've been fortunate to do some great stuff.

Since I signed up for the Buffalo Run 50k I wasn't too worried about training for it any more than I have been.

My older brother texted me one day saying "Hey, have you adopted a specific training plan for the 50K? :)"

I responded "Why yes, yes I have! It's called run when I can and do a lot of yoga and BJJ!!"

Then I googled "50K Training Plans" and the shortest one was 16 weeks, and had a LOT of miles. I looked at the calendar and realized it was just over 10 weeks to the Buffalo Run - and NOW it's only 9 weeks from Saturday!

So I decided to start running a bit more throughout the week and not just relying on my Saturday group runs for training. I started back on the 10th, with a 7.1 mile run along the icy/snowy Legacy Parkway. I definitely don't like running on flat paved trails now that I'm so used to other trails... I got a couple mean blisters as a result!

Also got some BJJ in that day - we worked on Escaping when somebody 'has your back'.
That afternoon a big storm hit and I spent a LOT of time over the next couple of days shoveling snow! Snow shoveling and some pullups were all the exercise I got that Friday - and that was plenty!

Saturday we had our brunch n' run - we ran from Kaysville along the BST up to the waterfall up Adam's Canyon. Lots of people out, we helped one person get out of the icy parking lot before the run, and two more after! All trucks who thought they were tough and wouldn't get stuck. Ha! 5.5 miles of pretty crazy snow and ice!

Monday Yoga was definitely needed but we learned that the Wednesday class was being canceled so they could focus on other wellness needs. Dang! I still have 2 times a week that is 2 times a week more than none! So I'm still happy.

Tuesday morning I woke up to run with a bunch of people from the internet. I'm part of a county trail runners group and they said they were meeting to run up Farmington Canyon which is currently very nicely packed down by snowmobiles and perfect for trail running. 7 people showed up, it was funny that 4 of us had run the Farmington Flag Rock run in July! I was the slowest finisher of that group and I was 11th then!
Five miles up, Five miles down - it's actually a very nice run. I was slow going up, so I only made it 4.75 up, a total of 9.52 miles with VERY cold temps and very pretty frosty lashes!

Yeah... one guy ran in sub 10° weather in SHORTS! CRAZY!
Then later that day I learned about breaking closed guard in BJJ. Talk about fatigued legs during that lesson! I still was able to perform fairly well while sparring against Micah, but I of course didn't win!

Yesterday they did an ab/core class in place of Yoga, so I went to that. It is nice to do JUST ab work since I haven't focused specifically on abs in a long time - they've always been part of a more comprehensive workout. It wasn't too hard, but I'm definitely feeling the soreness, which is awesome!

This morning I had a few options for running. One was to start at 4 am and run 20 miles with the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers crew,  another was to run up Farmington Canyon again with the same group at 5:30 am, and the final option was to wake up whenever and run by myself.

I liked the 'wake up whenever' option best - I feel I need to increase the amount of sleep I've been getting! I got myself up at 6:35ish and was running on the BST/Firebreak from Freedom Hills to Rick's Creek before turning around. Made a measly (but difficult!) 3.34 miles before heading home to shower and come in to work. (The snake picture is from this morning)

Side note: As part of my 50k training and to keep in touch with other crazy runners - I joined fastrunningblog and you can see my running-specific blog here. As if I didn't have enough blogs! I actually have a few of my BJJ Training Notes-type entries typed up (but without Video links, and I like videos on that!) but I haven't decided what to do with them yet... I definitely won't be starting another separate blog for them, but I might put a tab or something on this blog for them... We'll see!

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