Monday, January 28, 2013

The Plague Cometh!

Or cameth... didthsth comthesteth.


So the last sentence of my last post started with "I feel stronger and more capable already"

Which of course should have made me realize that it wouldn't last.

Wednesday I was in pain from a rib or something being out, along with a tickle in my throat and WHAM that night the Fever hit me.

Thursday was horrible - practically hallucinating with feverish weirdness and coughing.

Friday I felt like I could function a little, but I still had a fever and was coughing like mad.

Saturday? Well of course I got out and into the mountains trying to get above the inversion!

My sister didn't feel like running so she watched the kids while Kakes, Ben and I went up Farmington canyon. It had been warmer, but it was still icy down under the inversion - but once we got out of that, SLUSHY MUSHY MADNESS!

Definitely a workout.

Went 4.5 miles up and coming back down was a chore because it kept getting slushier as the day got warmer. Still it was a good three and a half hour workout getting that 9 miles in!

Made it to Yoga today - and my cough lessened some more - so I'm glad I went.

Hopefully I continue on this upward trend.

Now to decide when and where to run this week - I'm a half mile away from 60 miles for this month, which is already the largest distance month ever for me!

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