Monday, February 4, 2013

Mount Olympus and Rolling Out of My League!

I ended up with 61.7 miles for the month of January! Not too bad to have the first month of the year be my longest ever month of running.

However with getting over the sickness that hit us last week - I was unable to get out and do much more... until Thursday, Friday and Saturday!

Wednesday morning I did try to go to an early morning BJJ class, but because of snowfall traffic was horrible so nobody made it. I got on the treadmill instead and made it a whopping TWO MILES in fifteen minutes. Gross. I do NOT like treadmills. Oh well, at least it got me up over 60 for January!

Thursday made it back to BJJ finally and learned some good attacks and from having them in the guard. I haven't put the detailed BJJ technique breakdowns up here for a while, I'm trying to decide how to do that. I like typing them out and explaining it because it helps me figure out what to do a bit better - to think it through and get that down. But I might have a separate section for that, or a big entry with a monthly list of techniques something like that.

Friday morning Yoga and climbing was great, and THEN I went to Fusion BJJ with Micah to roll with another brown belt and a black belt Tony. Crazy! I'm like barely a white belt, so I felt a bit like a slightly resisting wrestling dummy... completely out of my league!

At least having me there meant they were constantly grappling instead of one guy having to wait it out. Tony took some video on his ipad and put them on his youtube channel - if you'd like to waste some time you can see the highlights, (That's me standing in the white gi at the beginning) with an awesome bit of me getting my trash kicked from 5:00 until about 5:30, where I finally get a rear-naked choke, because he TOLD me that he was open for it! You can also see two of the 5 minute grappling rounds here and here, but unless you know BJJ they aren't the most exciting.

Between the two days of BJJ - and as you can tell if you watched the bit where I was tied into knots and stacked on my shoulders, I did something to annoy one of my ribs, so it slowly spread pain and immobility up into the right side of my neck. Seems to happen every couple of weeks lately.

Because I was hurting I decided I would take it easy...

And I got up at 5AM Saturday morning to head up Mount Olympus again!

Had a ton of fun in that 6.7ish miles - and I'm really looking forward to the full video by ThePsychicSasquatch - here's a preview:

Dang! While I didn't do a flip - I DID jump out of that tree! But my phone wasn't being quick so we didn't get any pictures - but it should hopefully be on the video!

Craig Flipping!

MVH Jumpin!

Mayurasana again on Olympus peak!

Me in the tree! I broke that smaller vertical branch... doh!

At the trailhead after
Definitely a fun trip! And I am REALLY impatient for the full vid!

After driving back to my brother's house, we went out again to run with the wives, because my wife was hoping to get a bit more of a run in. She's awesome! It was a beautiful day and we made it about 4.8 miles - so my total for the day was 11.5! Nice!
White sandy beaches?

It was seriously nice enough - I took off my shirt for a bit!

I love my wife!
All in all the last couple days of the week made up for the sloppy beginning!

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