Monday, February 11, 2013

Pain in My Spine

That's what happens when you aren't quite used to the rigors of BJJ, but you do 4 days of training anyway!

Needless to say - it was still awesome!

Monday was a normal Yoga and stretching day, with a few parallel grip L-sit pullups - which come into play for treating the spine as well actually... ANYWAY beyond that, nothing too amazing that day workout-wise.

Tuesday morning I got up early and did the 5 miles up and 5 miles back down the canyon with the Davis County Crew for a nice 10 miles.

Later Tuesday was my first BJJ for the week -we talked about Takedowns and unfortunately I'm going to need to review those because I definitely don't remember enough!

Wednesday morning I got up early (again!) and went in to work for BJJ. We worked on how to take your opponents back while they are in your guard. Good techniques, and I took pretty good notes so I can review them. Definitely helps me remember better! Like I've mentioned before - eventually I'll get those notes on here again. For now they are in a nice big draft on my dashboard.

Thursday morning I debated getting up to run with the Davis County Crew again, but I was starting to feel the lack of sleep and my back was beginning to hurt so I decided to sleep in. That was nice! In BJJ we had a female show up. Now we wouldn't really have a problem grappling with a girl, and really I think a girl is going to benefit from learning how to defend herself from some jerk on the street if  she gets to practice the techniques on a guy - BUT because we do BJJ at a corporate workplace, they have decided that if a girl wants to learn jujitsu she needs to have a female partner to practice with. SO, since there wasn't another girl there, we went over basic self defense moves instead of grappling stuff until she had to leave. We might have found some other girls, so hopefully we can get some to show up so that there isn't awkwardness.

'Progress' post BJJ 02-07-13
Friday morning I got up for Yoga, it definitely helped with some of my spinal issues, and then I took some time on the climbing wall. Before climbing I went over to a pullup bar and tried to do Muscle ups, since I haven't practiced those for a while. I was able to get 5 done, but DANG it was a lot harder than it used to be. I need to practice those more! I don't think my back situation helped much either. Friday lunchtime we were planning on going to Fusion again to grapple with the same guys as last week, but the main contact with the 'in' at the gym was unable to break away from work, so we just had a normal style class at work. I was able to successfully defend against quite a few submissions from Mark AND Micah, but eventually lost every time. Still we stopped throughout and went over a few of my shortcomings, so that was really helpful. I have a lot of shortcomings!

Saturday morning we had planned our normal run - but there were some other scheduling occurrences that made the plans a bit goofy. Kakes got up and ran early with Alicia, then Matt and Craig and I met up at the base of the canyon and we showed Craig the "Winter Outdoor Treadmill" which we've been doing a lot of running on. We went up the 5 and back down - putting that 10 miles at close to the fastest (which very well could have been Tuesday's run) I've done that 10.
The rest of that day I tried hard to REST and stretch out - my back was hurting!

 Short vid of Craig running up from the bridge:

On the run Craig said, "Here's a tip for you... Don't do jujitsu after Tuesday next week!!" since we'll be running 30+ miles on THIS SATURDAY!!
So I'm going to try to go to BJJ to learn technique on Tues-Thurs, but skip the rolling/grappling practice at the end, since that's where the crunching and overextending happens. Also I DEFINITELY won't be going to Fusion on Friday!!

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting up with the Davis County Crew - but we are doing the Firebreak/BST from Farmington to Bountiful and back, so it should be a nice 11 miles. Hopefully the trail isn't too crappy and I can get farther than the last time I tried that this winter!

With my back, this morning it was hurting a lot - but then after Yoga today, I did more regular pullups, which I haven't been doing as regularly. My back is feeling much better and I wonder if I just need to get back to my former amount of pullups as a therapy along with the Yoga to maintain spinal health. We'll see!

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