Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Awesome Olympus Video(s)

So I figured this deserves it's own post because it is awesome.

The video was made, and it was fantastic. Here it is:

However, it was missing some of the footage I was personally looking forward to (i.e. me! I'm way too narcissistic sometimes!) and while I was satisfied with what thePsychicSasquatch had put together, he came out with this yesterday:

The first half is the same in both videos - but I like the speed of the second half of the second. As you can see it also has 2 more minutes of stuff!

Like I mentioned before, I really want to get a nice action capturing camera so I can set up and make awesome things happen. Hopefully that'll happen!

I'm excited. My next entry will have the rest of last week and what's upcoming.

Here's a hint - I'm running thirty miles BEFORE I run the Buffalo Run! Ahhh!

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