Monday, March 18, 2013

5 Days Until My First Ultra!

The Buffalo Run 50k is this Saturday!!

I think I'm ready - but I'm still definitely a bit nervous about it.

For Training I've lightened up a bit last week - I ran 3 times about 5 miles each... which is kind of funny that a 15 mile week is 'lightened up'!

Thursday one of those runs was to Patsy's and Flag Rock. The trail was pretty dry until we got to one little North-facing slope and then the snow was still DEEP! Crazy.

Saturday we ran the BST to the North - Beautiful weather and we had a lot of fun:

5 Days Til the Race!

Did a handheld body scan this morning - it said I was 6.6% body fat! Ha! I think I'm still a bit more than that... in fact after typing that I ran down and did it again - it jumped up to 7.7%...

That's still probably a little bit low... my abs aren't showing enough to be THAT low!

Still things are going good.

I will definitely be reassessing what I want after this race on Saturday!

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