Monday, March 4, 2013

Under 3 Weeks Until My First Ultra!

2 weeks from this coming Saturday!

Also it has been 2 weeks since I last updated.

It's funny it feels like it is harder to update here when nothing BIG like the Wedge has happened.

I've done a LOT too!

But I guess running 17.6 miles on Antelope Island on Saturday pushed me over the line so I could finally post here!

Before that though - Matt and Kakes and I had a grand old time out in the snow going up Baer Canyon in a nice little blizzard for a quick little 4 mile jaunt, including some nice avalanche traversing!

Yeah we had fun. It was so cold my hat froze to my head, so in that last picture I was lucky enough to borrow Matt's balaclava (akak Baklava) so my ears didn't fall off. Windy cold blizzard!

The rest of that week had been a rest week as far as running was concerned. I did some good BJJ and it's nice to see how things are improving, and had a pretty brutal Crossfit workout on Friday, along with Yoga and Rock Climbing.

Yoga is still important to my weekly endeavors - but I don't feel like I am progressing again - So we'll see what happens with that.

I hope as it gets warmer I'll be able to work on climbing and slacklining!

On Saturday I went out and did a training run for the Buffalo Run out on Antelope Island. The weather was beautiful, but there was still a lot of snow out on the island! Hopefully the next couple of weeks will remove most of that, so we have a nice and muddy race! We made it 17.6 miles in a slow manner due to all the "post-holing" through the snow.

There were about 30+ people that went out for the run, probably about 10 of those did what we did, and only a couple went longer than that. As you can see from the pics it was a beautiful day. I ended up taking off my jacket AND my shirt, so I got a nice sunburn AND some funny tan lines from my hydration pack! Gotta make sure to get a travel size sun block thing or something before the race.

My beautiful wife starts Yoga Teacher Training this week! The next few weeks will be interesting I'm sure - but I am so excited for her! Maybe she'll help ME break through whatever barrier is blocking me in yoga right now.

Life is beautiful!

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