Monday, May 6, 2013

April Past!

WOW where did the time go?!

April seemed to fly by.

I turned 34 in April - and it's amazing to me how good I feel now that I'm 11 years older than the age I felt like time had stopped (I still feel 23 a lot!) but in reality I'm SO much better now fitness and health-wise than I was then!

In April I ran almost 60 miles, which is actually the lowest month I've had this year! (but only by half a mile)

Compared to last year that's a much higher average.

This included some hikes and explorations of Patsy's Mine which is just below Flag Rock (which I also ran to again). I was proud of my two boys who were excited to explore to the end of all the caverns.

Flag Rock!

MVH and Matt leaving Patsy's

My 11 year old took this picture of me in Patsy's Mine!

My most common runs were around 7-8 miles.

I hit the normal waterfalls quite a few times. (with fun facial hair even - but it didn't last)

I had one 14 mile run starting at City Creek and up into the mountains, and then did it again just the other day.
Practicing posing for Physique

Tagged a couple new peaks Little Black and the Avenue Twins.

April was a good month.

Along with Running I did a lot of BJJ and feel like I am improving a lot. For my birthday I even got a new black BJJ Gi, and some fight shorts, which are quite nice for training. I still need to soak the gi to keep the color from fading and then wash it. But it'll get done!

Yoga is still a bit blah lately for me just because I'm not sure how to progress now. There is a new yoga teacher at work and she is more of the 'Yogalates' type which is exactly the stuff that keeps guys from doing Yoga - Feminized American Fitness Yoga. It's still good stretching and a workout - but it's not as traditional yoga or something. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Finally - in September I am probably going to be doing a Physique Competition. Basically it's getting a fake tan, wearing board shorts, and semi-flexing/posing for people for a while. Should be interesting!

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