Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Long Runs and Biometrics

Saturday morning I ran almost 30 miles. 27.73 is actually my 2nd longest run ever - but I haven't run more than 15 since the Buffalo Run, so the last 6 miles were especially hard on my legs and hips, even though I felt great otherwise.

Matt and Craig almost halfway

I definitely wasn't planning on that type of a run! But I'm glad I was able to do it.

23 miles in
It was a beautiful day and I used sunscreen so I amazingly didn't get FRIED like I normally do, even though I was out in the sun for 5 and a half hours!

Olympus in the background!

Took things pretty easy on Monday, had a decent yoga session. I had a better attitude about yoga, so that helped, but I still need to figure out what I want to do with it.

Tuesday things went downhill and now I feel sick. Blah. Doesn't help that our AC is somewhat out.

This morning I had a biometric screening again - it had already been 7 months since my last one - wow!
  • September 2012 Results 
  • Blood Pressure: 117/65
  • Total Cholesterol:213
  • HDL: 44
  • Triglycerides:125
  • LDL: 144
  • Glucose: 100
  • Heart Rate: 59 beats/minute
  • May 2013 Results (this morning)
  • Blood Pressure: 119/63
  • Total Cholesterol:209
  • HDL: 50
  • Triglycerides:112
  • LDL: 137
  • Glucose:94
  • Heart Rate: 68 beats/minute
Awesome improvements in most areas! Blood Pressure and heart rate are probably higher than last time because I'm still a bit sick, but even that isn't bad at all.  I was happy to see my Glucose back down (I think that 100 reading was a bit off) but I was really happy my HDL went up and my LDL went down! Nice to see things improving.

Next up - figuring out how I want to modify things for the physique contest!

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