Monday, July 8, 2013

Utah Spartan Beast 2013

Last Fall I conquered and became a Tough Mudder.

Saturday June 29th I became a Spartan Beast.

I'm not going to do a comparison on the two right now... The thoughts about that are still somewhat percolating around in my brain...

'Percolating' is a weird word... and quite possibly isn't appropriate in this situation.

Utah's 2013 Spartan Beast was held up at Soldier Hollow where we've done the majority of Mud Races we've taken part in. My beautiful wife and I had formed an elite team of PIRATE NINJAS to take on this Beast of a challenge.

This was definitely the most coverage we've seen of that area! We went all over that place to fit our twelve miles in!

Anyway - enough text. PICTURES!

I definitely had a blast.

Eventually I'll write a post about my thoughts on Tough Mudder vs Spartan Beast... but for now this is good. I'm already behind!

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