Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Olympus x2, Longest Month Ever, and More Peaks


I go on one little trip up to the top of Timpanogos, and suddenly I've gone crazy!

Just a few days later I ran to Elephant Rock and back on the Mueller Park trail - getting a PR for time to the rock AND not doing too bad (2nd fastest time) on the way down. The very next morning we went out and hit the Bonneville Shoreline trail and Adam's Canyon up to the waterfall for another 7 miles.

I had decided that after Timpanogos, I should take my wife up Olympus.

For some reason in my head I keep thinking Olympus as a "Tough Hike, but generally pretty easy because it's only like 7 miles" and that after we conquered Olympus we could move on to some other peaks like Pfiefferhorn and more!


Aw how fickle and faint memory chooses to be sometimes.

Olympus is HARD. It is steep, it is exposed for a lot of it, and it just happened to be a very hot and muggy day!

On Timp I had taken the same amount of water as I took up Oly, and had over 85% left. So I figured it would be sufficient for both my wife and I.

Bad idea. We made it to the top in a decent time, but we had sucked down all of the water we had. Luckily our buddy Mark was with us, and he was testing out a new large capacity Camelback for the awesome Trailandultrarunning.com and had a bunch of water so we could refill.

We then drank all THAT water while enjoying views from the top.

Doh! We had a little bit left, and figured that since we are both decent down-hill runners, we would be all right with that tiny amount of water. I started down from the saddle at a decent pace, then slowed to make sure I didn't leave my better half behind!

My legs started shaking and the next 3 miles were HORRIBLE. I felt drained and tired and in pain... but I didn't feel like I had pushed too hard before then.

Not enough food and water on a hot and muggy day had taken its toll! Uggh.

We did make it down - and it was a great trip up to the peak - but wow. We were beaten by the mountain for sure!

I did take my Action Cam - and made a video of the run to commemorate the experience!

Since Saturday was the last day of August - the Olympus run put me at 105.5 miles for the month! I've never been over 100 miles in a month, in fact before August, 84.5 was the most I'd ever reached, so that is a LOT of miles! Unfortunately I think it's the beginning of an epidemic!

Monday morning was Labor day. My brother asked if I wanted to run something - and I said that yes, I did. You'd think I'd be beat after being so badly beaten by Olympus a day and a half before... but I actually felt really good!

So I asked if we could do something I hadn't done, Raymond and Gobbler's Knob in between Millcreek and Big Cottonwood Canyons. I had been up to the saddle that is between these two 10k+  peaks during the Millcreek 50k 40k and wanted to make it up to more peaks.

Yeah - I definitely have a bit of a fever for peaks and mountains right now!  We hit both of them, with our friend Sam catching up to us at the top of Raymond. Fast climb!!

 Wednesday morning I went on a flat run to recover from the peaks

And Wednesday evening I went to Olympus AGAIN to do some pictures of rocky terrain with Mark for Trailandultrarunning.com!

There will be more pictures of the results of those photos after the article is posted on TAUR!


Oh and that nice Orange hat, is a Trail and Ultra hat with #ultrachat on it - because every Sunday night they have a chat about ultra running. I need to up my Twitter game so I can take part! It's a nice headsweats hat!

Next up I'll talk about the WASATCH 100 that was this past weekend. I had the honor to pace, support, and train with a whole bunch of participants, and it was definitely inspiring and has made my peak bagging and running epidemic even worse!

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