Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playing Catchup (Ketchup?!)

At a campout with 11 year old scouts, I ate 3 burgers and 2 hot dogs with nothing but cheese and ketchup... right before a 4 mile run.

Now THAT is fun.

It has been an interesting month.

Last month I surpassed 100 miles in one month for the first time.

This month I passed 100 miles in the first half of the month! As of today I'm at 126.8 miles... AND I still have a 50k to run on Saturday, along with whatever else I do before the end of the month.


Looks like it will be a good month!

Then next month is my first 50 miler! Crazy!

I also got a bunch of new shoes after wrecking some of my others... I guess for now I'm sticking with Altras because I got a great deal!

Yeah... I've got lots of Altras now!

I've been enjoying the mountains - and I even went Premium on Strava because of one new feature.

The Heatmap

I have wanted to see a visual representation of everywhere I've run for a while now - and they have made it happen! (that one is all time- this one is for just 2013)

One thing the past few weeks has made me is peak-hungry and antsy if I don't get out on the trails!

Slowing down a bit like this week until Saturday is hard too!

Here are some pics from my various runs since the Wasatch.

On top of the Wire - Finally made it to Wild Wire Wednesday
REALLY on top of the Wire

Morning run up Steed Creek

New shoes - Altra's The One - Bright Green!

Ah the Beard. It is powerful. Or something.
It has been a good beginning to Fall. I wish it would stay lighter and warmer longer... but I'm just going to have to get into winter mode and bust through it and work hard!

It's going to be fun!

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