Monday, October 14, 2013

Just A Few Days Left to Fifty Miles!!

I'm definitely a bit impatient to get to Friday already!

As that exciting video shows, I checked another peak off my list this weekend! (I'll finish a video from all my clips taken... but it'll be a while!)

Thurston Peak, UT - 9,706 Feet - The highest point in Davis County and Morgan County.

Boy I wouldn't want to haul that slab of Granite up there!
There are gorgeous views of the Northern Wasatch Range and the Salt Lake and Morgan Valleys from atop Thurston!

We started from the Fernwood Trailhead, parking outside because the parking lot is apparently Federally funded and it costs too much to leave a gate open...

Yeah... that's fun. It wasn't too hard to walk around the gate, and we headed on up the trail.

The fall colors are gorgeous right now - so while we were going fairly slow, it was beautiful to look down into the valley below.

We finally made it up to Chinscraper and the snowier sections in the tops of the mountains. It was VERY windy but so refreshing to be up in the tops of the mountains. We followed the trail until the Thurston Peak trail cuts North off the Great Western Trail ( which is also the Wasatch 100 course). The icy winds had created REALLY cool looking ice formations on the trees and plants

The Trail to the peak was a bit difficult to see so we headed up towards the peak as we could. We found on the way down, it was probably more on the very windy West side than we liked! We 'summited' only to see that the REAL summit was a little bit farther.

One of the main reasons we could tell was the large Granite block sitting at the actual summit! (seen above)

We took some pictures and of course I did my customary Mayurasana/Peacock pose on the summit!

Our Friends the Orange Trail Monkeys have been here!
When we got back to where we took the icy grass pictures above, some hunters had arrived on horses.  They looked at us two guys in light jackets and short shorts and gave us strange looks, probably thinking we were crazy!

Not that I disagree...

We took off towards Francis Peak, and a couple miles later, right before the section the trail monkey video above was shot, ran into some older hikers who asked us "Hey which one of these is Thurston Peak!"

We pointed them the two 'peaks' down the line to Thurston and one of them said "Somebody lied to the fat guy!"

They had ridden their ATV's to the end of a road and then started the hike. About one mile after we left them, we reached their ATVs... and then had a nice conversation about relativity. About a year ago I ran the first 2 miles (and then back, so 4 total) of the same course we'd been following, and it was TORTURE when I did it... but now a mile or two is nothing!

Awesome to see progress! And funny how things change too...

Shortly after the ATV's, we were about a mile to a mile and a half from Francis, but we were short on time so we headed straight down the super-steep Bair Canyon.

Francis Peak! Let's head down!
Getting down into the canyon brought an EXPLOSION of color that was crazy and mind-boggling to look at.

This picture is gorgeous, but doesn't even do it justice!

When we'd finished at Bair Canyon we had gone just under 15 miles with a whole bunch of climbing up and down!

Another PEAK checked off the list of my summits! Woohoo!

When I arrived home my wife was antsy and NEEDING to get out of the house and up into the mountains. Nobody else was available to run with her, so I figured I'd go ahead and go!

Starting at the East Mountain Wilderness Park, we headed up the BST towards the popular Adam's Canyon. That canyon is gorgeous and a good hike - worthy of visiting.

But that's also it's biggest problem! It's busy! Too many people!

Ran 5.5 miles with a decent climb up to the waterfall, and my legs were definitely telling me they were tired by the end.

Google auto-creates gifs in uploaded photos sometimes!
It was a fantastically beautiful day in the Wasatch Mountains with fantastic people!

I'm thankful that I have a brother and an amazing wife that can do this stuff with me!

Hopefully good preparation for my race on Friday. I will probably run 5-10 fairly flat miles in the next day or two... and then REST and stretch out my legs in preparation for FIFTY MILES on Friday!

Holy moly! I can't believe I'm doing this!

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