Friday, February 7, 2014

A Look Back - 2013 Edition!!

In 2013 I posted Thirty-Five times on this blog.

Compared to 2012, that was less than HALF of the blog posts. Sheesh. I was really slacking!

I guess if 2013 was judged on blog posts - it would be a bit sad.

THANKFULLY, 2013 was a phenomenal year, and one of the reasons for less blogs was - MORE BUSY!

Considering it is already FEBRUARY and I'm just posting this... yikes. Well let's get it done, shall we?

At the beginning of 2013 I posted my "2013 - Plans and Desires, Wishes and Dreams!" entry so I figured that would be a good place to start in the review.

So how did I do on the plans?

  • Buffalo Run 50K in March. My main goal was to be able to move the next day. I definitely accomplished this goal!
  • Spartan Beast - By the time this came around I was ready, and a little disappointed at the lack of challenge for me. 
  • Yoga, yoga, yoga!  - My wife completed her Yoga Teacher Certification - she is amazing! I was able to continue attending yoga at work, but we changed instructors and was disappointed that the new one was much more fitness-yoga oriented and hadn't completed teacher training. Doh!
  • Climb more - I wanted to get out at least once with somebody with more equipment and experience than me - that never happened. For half the year I WAS climbing on the indoor wall at work a LOT more... but near the end of the year that unfortunately dropped off sharply. I'm trying to get it back now!
  • Bag more Peaks - I DID make it up to Bountiful Peak starting from the Davis Creek trail, and was able to bag 16 peaks total!
  • More HIIT workouts! Pullups! Backyard Exercises! Utilize my awesome pullup station AND improve on it - had a few decent workouts, but our group outdoor workouts were non-existent compared to 2012.
  • Continued BJJ classes at work - Did a ton for most of the year - but the last couple of months was less than desired. I'm excited to continue this journey into BJJ!
  • Slacklining - it certainly started out well, including the big slackline being used for some highlining at the Wedge - but I am not satisfied with my current skill or usage of the slacklines!!
  • I stated Ragnar was NOT on the plans, but ended up joining my work team.
SO on to a list of some amazing things I accomplished last year. They might not be amazing to anybody else, but I was pretty happy with them!

Wasatch Mountain Wranglers Wedge almost50k - (first over Marathon distance)
Antelope Island Buffalo Run 50k (first Ultra)
Ragnar Wasatch Back - 1st place Corporate division
Spartan Beast
Ragnar Trail Snowbasin
Dugway 50k - 3rd place overall 1st in age
Pony Express 50 miler (first Fifty)
Goblin Valley 50k - fastest time on 50k - 1 week after Pony!

First sub 20 minute 5k
Peaks - While I'm still a beginner - I made it up 16 peaks!

That list is pretty much entirely running related!

I use Strava for most of my tracking now, one big reason is they came out with a 'Heat Map' that shows places you've run. I have been wanting something like this for a while, so I paid for the membership just to get access to it. Very cool.

I can now share the places I ran in 2013

Here is my map of all-time running. I know it doesn't have EVERYTHING I've ever run, but it DOES have where I've run since I started tracking, and THAT is pretty cool!

I did a lot this year, and not all of it was running. If you look at my 2013 Fitocracy Overview you can see some of the other stuff I did.

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