Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Wedge 2014

In 2012 four crazy guys decided to do an adventure run on the Good Water Rim Trail and called it "the Wedge" after the amazing 'Wedge Overlook' there in the San Rafael Swell.

2013, seven crazies repeated the adventure - I was privileged to be part of what was my first 'ultra' experience, even though I only went 28.1 miles!

This year we had EIGHTEEN awesome people join us for the 3rd Annual Wrangler Wedge Wrun.

My total was 32 miles in about 7 hours. I like that Strava tracks my moving time - that was closer to five hours.

Check out some of the awesomeness!


Unfortunately some of the audio settings I had screwed up when I added the music on Youtube.

I also have a few more videos so I might have to make a few different versions. For now I'm satisfied with what I've got. Hope you can enjoy it too!

And since this should have been posted weeks ago... the Wedge was almost a MONTH ago!

Here are some of the awesome sights we saw!

Good Morning from the Wedge!


Can't wait for next year!

Next up - Buffalo Run 50 Miler!

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