Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Peaks! More Waterfalls!

2014 is more than halfway gone! 


This is also crazy. Crazy AMAZING!

This has been a great year!

One thing I'm obsessed with for the rest of the summer is Peaks. I mean, yeah, I also have a little race to prepare in 6 weeks, but it's only ONE HUNDRED MILES!?!?!

But summitting a mountain... THAT's awesome!

There are SO MANY I haven't yet reached or even attempted the summit!


But this year has been awesome for peak bagging - and I've hit quite a few.

Of course lots of pictures were taken - so here are some of those, starting from the most recent... and there are a bunch missing because I don't want this to be THAT big of an entry.

Hidden Peak: (The ski-warming hut at the top of the peak looks like a nice Doctors office, eh?)

Pfiefferhorn: SO amazing - I want to do all the peaks along this ridge they are amazing!

Sunset Peak:

Grandview Peak:

Lone Peak: The beast of the Wasatch Front Range - I was nearing the summit when I got a text from my beautiful wife Kakes who BROKE HER ANKLE!!!

Gold Ridge: This gorgeous little peak is tucked right behind Bountiful Peak and overlooks Morgan and has a great view of the bowl behind Bountiful Peak!

Timpanogos: The Annual Wasatch Mountain Wranglers Timpependence Day Night run! Awesome to be up there with 60ish of my favorite trail runners!!

Ed's Peak:


Also like always I still love Waterfalls probably about as much as I love Peaks, so here's a few more waterfalls I've visited recently:

I took my three older kids on an adventure to the Farmington Canyon Waterfall - and their courage made me very happy as a father!

And Adams is always a fun waterfall:

Looks like I need more peaks and waterfalls!!

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