Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sundial and Blanche

Lake Blanche is amazing.

Sundial is the majestic peak that soars above the lake, and while it is photographed ALL THE TIME, it doesn't get as many summits as it deserves.

So we bagged it!

Of course - I made a video of the craziness:

As you may have noticed - I fell pretty good on the way down - luckily we were off the ridge, but still I was lucky I didn't get injured!

We have been extremely lucky to have such good weather for so long this year. I wish it would last longer!

Since this was over a week ago, here are a bunch of pictures from the day:

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Devil's Castle and Holyweempus

When I was with Jennilyn on the WURL we hit a crazy cliffy summit in the dark.

It was a BLAST!

But I knew I wanted to get back up there and explore the three summits of Devil's Castle, since we only hit one and it was almost pitch black.

We basically got horribly lost for too long - so that made me want to get up there to figure it out so that couldn't happen again!

Finally a few Saturdays ago I was able to get back up there.

It was awesome.

I'll let the pictures and videos do the rest of the talking.

Devil's Castle is amazing.

For most people it's scary.
I find I'm one of those people that LOVES the ridges, the exposure, the cliffs.
I'm giddy and excited up there.

I think I would stay safe, BUT, because I don't feel that fear, I have decided that I will not let myself do these types of adventures alone. Too many people get overconfident on less technical stuff and DIE when they are alone.

That's not okay.

Jennilyn actually wrote a great article discussing some of this over at Trailandultrarunning.com - go check it out!

Be safe and know your limits!

Halloween was our friend Zac's birthday - also the day before he moves up North to Logan - so we put on a big shindig with the Wasatch Mountain Wranglers and headed up Mount Olympus!!!

So much fun!

Also I accomplished something AWESOME that I will now be working on.

One handed Mayurasana!!

Now to figure out what's up next!!