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A Look Back At 2014

Last Year I wrote a post about what I wanted to do in 2014.

2014 was awesome.

6 months are already almost gone in 2015!! What a pain. Well, actually overall this year has been amazing, but it's a pain that I haven't been up to date on Blogging and Video-producing this year!


So here's what I started writing 4-6 months ago.

The second half of this year is going to be GREAT

PLANNED: things I was FOR SURE doing
  • Buffalo Run 50 Miler - Improved on my 50 mile time significantly - 8:09:22 - 16th overall, 14th male. I know I can improve again!
  • Annual Wedge Wranglers Run - SO much fun! More below.
  • Bag More Peaks - I hit around 60 peaks this year - which is awesome. This year I'll hit more. 
  • More Adventure Runs! (see Desires)
  • Ragnar Wasatch Back with Corporate Team - Yeah we won 1st in Corporate Mixed again.
  • Pacing at the Wasatch 100 - Definitely love doing this. Paced my bro for 14, and Ryan for the last 25, helping him get to sub-30! Nice job buddy!
  • Yoga - The first 6 months I did great - but then work craziness caused me to stop... and it caused many many other issues because I wasn't regularly doing it. Dang.
  • Climb Outdoors with somebody - This kind of happened... but I didn't get out with ropes and harnesses. I did part of the WURL, (more below) and other Peak and Ridge Scrambles - which is EXACTLY the type of climbing I love most. Awesome.
  • Learn how to do a Handstand - Dang I was on track with this in the beginning of the year - but then it fell apart. I will try to find a way to incorporate it into everything because frankly, handstands are awesome!
  • Get better with the Slackline - I somehow got better without a lot of effort - but I didn't hang it up as much as I wanted. This will continue!
Desires: These are things I wanted to do - Adventures
  • Zion's Traverse - I was close a couple of times - I made it happen this year!
  • Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim - WOW I did this!
  • Some Other Races - Dugway didn't happen, Bryce Canyon I volunteered and had a blast - AND I RAN THE BEAR 100!!! A freakin' Hundred Miler. Crazy.
Wishes: Nothing Happened here! HOWEVER - you never know if it might happen THIS YEAR (2015)!
  • With my in-laws being in Hawaii, I would love to run the Kalalau Trail!
Dreams: Any of these would be awesome! Unfortunately STILL not that likely! But I'll keep 'em!
  • Yoga on a Caribbean Island... (Hawaii maybe though, eh??)
  • Try out for American Ninja Warrior - I did get some stuff to practice more - and I need a lot of work!
  • Buy some land away in the wilderness(ish) and create an ultimate obstacle-course/workout/training/adventure course!

Started 2014 off right with a great trip up towards 'Centerville Peak' postholing in the super nice conditions, but hard mean leg-cutting snow!

Kakes and I also started the year with an Instagram yoga challenge that was a lot of fun.

We tried to make the challenge even more fun by (sometimes) incorporating the yoga pose requirements into our trail running and normal activities.

Oh yeah - I won a 'fitness' award at work - we did yoga there too

Oh yeah - and EVERY run I did I wore shorts. No matter what!

January ended up with 140.8 miles and 28,655 ft of climbing! NICE!

At the start of February I went to San Francisco for a work training.
Training lasted from 9 am until 4 pm... but often got out early. So I ran.

It was awesome.

 I ran 30 miles in San Francisco and 40 miles that week! Not bad at all!

THEN there was the WEDGE 2014 with 18 people!

The people that came to this run have become some constant running companions. It's awesome!

It was even more awesome to have my Kakes out there - she ran over 20 miles for her longest run so far! So awesome!


Shortly after the Wedge we made a video about ultra running.

It's still so fun to watch - great idea Jennilyn!!

Someday I'll have a video that reaches as far as this one has!!

February was my 3rd highest month EVER with 184.3 miles and 19,645 ft of gain.

March was a lot of good training runs before the buffalo run - I had a great Race you can read about  here.

Ended up with 155.6 miles in March, 16,937 ft vert.

Holy moly this is taking too long! Faster summary!

April: 161.5 miles, 35,060 ft vert!
Ran the BoSho Marathon (awesome Bandit Race - so I probably made it up... yeah) for the first time, and started lots of waterfall runs, which I love.

May: HUGE bump 204 miles, 53,130 ft vert!!
Lots of peaks, lots of waterfalls, oh yeah - even did the Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim in the Grand Canyon!
May was great!

June: 125.5 miles, 25,069 ft vert
Some good peaks and Ragnar - not sure why mileage was so low

July: 138.1 miles, 37,870 ft vert
Timpanogos and other peaks - including first time up Lone Peak, AND my wife broke ankle down in the canyon while I was up there. Yikes!

August: 164.9 miles, 35,337 ft
More peaks, more fun, ramping up training for the Bear

September: 191 miles, 48,141 ft
Paced 40something miles of the Wasatch, became obsessed with ridges(WURL), ran the Bear 100 in torrential rain and mud. Blech.

October: 54.6 miles HORRIBLE. 13,670 ft
Recovery from the Bear was rough. Pulled a calf muscle or something making it very hard to do anything. Had fun volunteering at TNF

November: 104.3 miles, 19,621 ft
Peaks (Devils Castle, Sundial) Water run to Fremont, An awesome non-presidents day wedge I never blogged about - starting to feel better.

December: 138.8 miles, 39,344 ft
Made it down and ran with the Utah County folks to bag some new peaks, finally started to feel like I could run again!

What a year!

Here's basically everywhere I ran in 2014 - from San Francisco to Denver, from the Grand Canyon to Bear Lake!

2014 Heatmap

Hopefully I can expand that even more for 2015!!
Oh and if you are interested - my Strava all-time heat map is kind of fun!

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