Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tushar's 93k - A Race Report

Everybody has demons.

Sometimes they are itty bitty little guys that you can brush off or flick away like the little insects that they really are...

Other times they are (seemingly) SO BIG that they crush your ability to feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING, or even feel like you can breathe properly.

Which really... is NOT true. Don't let yourself believe that.

But it is hard to when you have what seems to be a 666 lb snarling demon sitting on your shoulders slavering filth and bad feelings all over you keeping you mired down in the dreary dregs of despair.


This past weekend I ran the Tushars 93k race - the final event in the Grand Circle Trail Series put on by the amazing RD Matt Gunn and his Ultra Adventures race company.

Nothing too crazy... you know... just your average 58 mile run with just under 17k vertical GAIN...